You go to the Google Play Store to download a game for entertainment purposes. The excitement within you is overwhelming as you wait in great anticipation to be amused. Upon playing the game for the first time, you are happy. Shortly thereafter, you realize the changes. Suddenly, your phone begins to run slower and then you are unable to access certain parts of your phone without a password. “But what is the password?” you wonder. “I haven’t set anything like this up.” My friend, you are the latest victim of a mobile virus.

The Facts

Many critics call the idea of anti-virus protection on a mobile device absurd before understanding the facts. The truth is that Android users affected by malware nearly doubled from 11,000 cases to 17,000 incidences in less than one month last year, and such numbers are only expected to grow.

Cyber criminals view Google Play as a gold mine because they are able to easily upload harmful apps without much recompense. Such individuals are constantly trying to find ways to profit off their craft, which is thievery, and will stop at nothing to make money off unsuspecting consumers. It is for this reason that you needed protection.

What Protection Does

An antivirus app scans every download before your phone is exposed to it and alerts you when there is a threat. A good program will stop the download in its tracks before telling you that there is danger. While it is true that anti-virus apps consume a lot of memory and make your phone run slower, these two cons are a small price to pay for security.

We Live in an Uncertain World

Many iPhone users are probably reading and saying, “That doesn’t apply to me. I have an Apple.” Well, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Although it is difficult for malware to take root in an iPhone, it is possible. As technology becomes more advanced and cyber criminals become more intelligent, it is only a matter of time before iPhone users are virus victims. Experts believe that when the Apple platform is breached, the effects will be more devastating because of the confidence that users currently have in their iPhone to withstand any and all attacks. Still think you’re safe?

What You Can Do

There are steps that you can take even when you have the best antivirus software. One of the best methods for preventing malware attacks is to only download apps and content that you trust. When searching for entertainment in the Google Play, Apple, or Windows store, you should take time to read what others have to say about the app. While having few reviews is not always a red flag, additional caution should be taken when an app has not received any criticism or praise from users. Also, do not respond to random text messages. A message telling you to click on a link to claim your $1 million prize is more than likely a scam that will cost you time and money.

Coupling your cautionary instincts with anti-virus software created by a reputable company will ensure that you are protected from all forms of malware.

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