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We develop the latest android apps and also sell others. We also review apps and write reviews.


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We are experts in our programs and we also hold trainings so that you learn how to handle these programs. Since we are also encoders, we can also manufacture and fix software.


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Fusion 360


The best video editing software for beginners to create stunning videos with full-featured editing tools and impressive effects.

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We are a happy bunch who develop our own programs and also sell other people's high quality software.
Sara Sad

Sara Sad


Worked as a programmer for 11 years and developed my own programs for two years. In my free time I hope to parachute and fish.

Parsley Pepperspray

Parsley Pepperspray

Marketing Specialist

Likes meeting people and helping them. I have worked with marketing and advertising for 7 years. Love my job and passionate about it. In my free time I like to go out with my horses.

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Lena Beast

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"With the help of smart programs that work excellently, we now work 56% more efficiently."

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Hans Nilson

Company owner

"with special writing programs, we have increased our sales by 300%"


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