It began with a fun and easy way to bring single people together with just help with a little swipe. And since its launch back in 2012, Tinder changed the online dating game. But let’s be real, Tinder doesn’t exactly hold the best reputation, yet you should stick around, because if you are wondering if you should join Tinder, here you will find all the answers to your questions!

Tinder came to life in 2012 with a swiping motion, which soon replaced some of the long forms and complicated dating apps available online. However, soon enough, Tinder was bombarded with fake accounts that use any means necessary to push and obtain sexually explicit encounters. So if you don’t like to be surprised by unsolicited nudes in your inbox, then Tinder was probably not your first choice, but before making your final decision, keep reading, because there’s so much more that you should know. 

Who’s Tinder For?

  • Singles looking for serious relationships and deep commitments.
  • Singles looking for casual sex and hookups
  • People are looking for an easy and convenient way to search for partners instantly.
  • People who want to meet with young and hip singles, as the app mainly targets a young audience

Who’s Tinder Not For?

  • Singles want a more conventional online dating experience and prefer more detailed and long profiles.
  • Older singles who may not be inclined to pay fees for premiums
  • People who live in areas where there aren’t many Tinder users, since the app uses location-based matching

Currently, millions of people use the free version of the app. Members can enjoy Tinder for free but on a limited basis. On the free version, you will be able to do 100 swipes a day, and write messages to match profiles. If you want to use the full capacity of cool features and boost your chances of successful matches, you’ll have to spend a few cents.

Can you try Tinder for free?

You can use or try Tinder for free. All members can send messages without any cost and you can read at least the first inbox messages for free as well. Millions of users still use the free version, which proves the free version is worthwhile to use if you don’t want to subscribe to a paid version. 

What are the paid versions available? 

There are two paid versions; Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. Both have characteristics of unlimited likes, swipe rewind, and the passport element to let you see members from all around the world. The main difference between the two, aside from the costs, is the added feature of Tinder Gold. Tinder Gold lets you see who liked you first. No need to wait for a match because you can immediately swipe right and send messages. 

Tinder Platinum has all the other premium features but with added benefits such as a message before a match, and seeing likes that you have sent.

How does Tinder Work?

Tinder works by matching users and the app bases its matches on coming up with whom you may be physically attracted. Users will then be able to swipe left or right and pick the matches that they are interested in (left to reject, right to accept). Usually, the matches that will be offered to you are from users that are located near your location. And once a match is successful, meaning that the person that you swiped right did swap right for you too, both users can then start messaging each other for free.

So, the idea behind the app offers a better experience because you will only be able to talk with people who are interested in you already. So the one-sided thing is not something that you can do on Tinder. However, the app has experienced a bad reputation due to fake profiles being created mostly to initiate unsolicited sexual activities (such as nudes and unappropriated messaging). 

Yet, the idea behind Tinder was refreshing and kind of attractive for people who are interested in hooking up with someone nearby. The app is also known for making hooking up easy since it matches you with someone attractive to you nearby. This, of course, may be something that is not as pleasing if you are looking for a longer connection with someone.  

How to Register

Opening an account with Tinder is fast and easy. You can sign up using your Facebook, email, or phone number. You just need to download the app and choose what you will use to sign up.

If you sign up with Facebook, and later try to do it with your phone number, two different accounts will be created, so you should stick to the option that you have picked on the signup. After your account is opened, you will then be able to complete your profile. Don’t forget to allow Tinder access to all required permissions (the app will never post anything on your behalf, in the case you’ve picked Facebook). 

You can then add photos to your Tinder and fill up your Bio. You can also import pictures from your Facebook account. Tinder also has an interesting tool, where you can allow the app to test your photos, by highlighting which ones are more likely to get you a right swipe. You should upload a minimum of 3 photos. And once you are happy with your profile, you can start swiping through your potential matches. 

However, it’s wise to remember that you may encounter some fake profiles around the app, so maybe it would be smart to not swipe right without having a bit of good luck beforehand, just in case you don’t like to wake up to some nudes. 

Final Thoughts

Tinder is still one of the most used dating apps online, you shouldn’t swipe left just yet. The perks are good and they also give you the advantage of meeting people who are nearby. So, as long as you are careful, Tinder may just be the place where you meet your soulmate. 


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