Modern technology and the internet have come a long way over the last few years. Designing has taken an abrupt turn, and the direction it is diverting may or may not align with your technological knowledge, depending on the information you have on the subject. Solidworks has been there, but competitors think they can outsmart its technology. That is why I went through different sources to ensure you get first-hand information about what Solidworks is, its features, and its pros and cons, as explained in this article.

What Has Changed?

You can see many changes from the older Solidworks versions, which I will explain in this section. Solidworks Premium 2020 is a flagship version of the Solidworks desktop version, and you can use it to design different designs, including;

  • Piping and tubing
  • Sheet metal
  • Mould
  • Plastic and cast part
  • Electrical cable harness and conduit

Nonetheless, the information in this piece will cover the basics of Solidworks, focusing on what is new, the improvements, and how you can benefit from using Solidworks. Nonetheless, although there have been several changes to this software, it does not alleviate the norm. This is where new CAD software with enhanced performance and drawings has been considered a unique and critical aspect.

That means almost all the assemblies in the new version have the same opening speed as those in the older model. That makes it possible to use lightweight components and drawings in the latest version as effectively as in the older version of Solidworks.

Solidworks Top Features

The software has some outstanding features and characteristics which rank it among the top design tools in today’s technological world. It is critical to understand these features to ensure you purchase a product that will be helpful in whatever design project you have. Some of these features include;

Detailing Mode

Opening and adding details to a drawing is not a walk in the park. I have experienced it, and you would instead ensure the software you use can do exactly that with precision. You can confirm the effectiveness of this feature when detailing large assemblies and drawings and when handling extensive multi-sheet graphics. Innovators and technologists have made many improvements and enhancements to ensure you enjoy image detailing and view creation. Such enhancements have contributed to faster detailing without scanning the entire drawing.

View Manipulation

As a user, one of the critical factors I paid attention to is the drawing performance of Solidworks software. Fortunately, this software will not let you down, thanks to the incredible graphics performance enhancements. The developers have optimized the software to achieve top-notch responsiveness and consistency when dealing with large drawings. Additionally, it allows you to scroll, manipulate, zoom, and reposition big pictures without experiencing any latency.

Enhanced Assembly Productivity Tools

One of the things you would love to achieve is high control over your design assembling design. That is precisely what you get with Solidworkshanks and the improved Assembly Productivity Tools. I specifically enjoyed the enhanced productivity tools, such as the newly introduced Mate Property Manager, the Chain Patterns spacing Options, and the patterned Component Configurations synchronizing options.

The Pros And Cons Of Solidworks

The Pros

Reduced Designing Time

Designing can take you an extended period, especially if you have several assemblies to work on. Nonetheless, you can enjoy less designing time with the Solidworks software, saving you more time to focus on other essential projects. The Design Library helps you import all the necessary parts to ensure you take as little time as possible to create the design you would love to see.

Real-time Design Sharing

You can instantly share your designs with colleagues, clients, investors, and team members in real-time without waiting for the software to complete printing. Additionally, you can instantly use these designs for real-time demos and presentations.

Saves Time On Calculations And Interference Checks

Interferences result from part stress, deflection, vibration, and other factors. Besides that, you need to have precise geometric measurements. That should not stress you, because the Solidworks software will do everything for you.  

Saves Money

We all know that time is money. Therefore, when you use Solidworks software, you save time, consequently saving money.   

The Cons

Limited Compatibility

Solidworks software is only available for Windows. There is no version for Mac or any other operating system.

High Cost

Besides an annual subscription, you will need an initial license payment to access the latest updates and technical support.

Using designing software means you have to be keen, especially when working on large projects. Solidworks has experienced some improvements and transformations, as explained above. The software also has its advantages and disadvantages. The pros outweigh the cons, meaning it is reliable software.


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