While there is a slim to none chance of ever having a run in with malware and viruses on a Mac, you may want to be open minded to the use of an antivirus or antimalware program anyways.  Peace of mind is everything and you will also keep the Windows and Linux using friends save out of harms way by unknowingly sending viruses. Check out  Sophos Anti-Virus program  for your Mac.

Sophos Anti-Virus


  • Compact, user-friendly interface that has options for custom scans of drives, folders and files. Scans can be scheduled to periodically run full scans or run on demand.
  • Files are scanned for known viruses, trojans and malware that are common in Windows and will quarantine or deletes files so you can avoid risking spreading viruses to others via USB drive, network sharing, or emails.
  • Known threats are quarantined you have the choice quarantine files that are dangerous or suspicious.
  • Running quietly as a  background program, emails, files and downloads are scanned and if infected, prevents you from opening infected files before harm hits.
  • Installation and uninstalling Sophos is easy.
  • Sophos’ “Live Antivirus” is a great feature that will update your app as soon as new threats are sniffed out of the wild.

Strong points

Sophos actually dates back to early 1980s and is a strong point in Mac’s history of malware.  The fact that the article exists should remind Mac users that while they’re not the primary target for malware authors, they’re by no means invulnerable. The size of the article however should issue some confidence that the risk—while present—is by no means critical.

Sophos Anti-Virus rises above the competition Mac antivirus apps because of quietly running in the background to scan folders and files without tapping into your valuable system resources. Sophos will always be consistent with updating the database of known Windows trojans, viruses, and other threats, so if you unknowingly download a Windows malware or other threats, you wont accidentally spread threats. . Sophos is intelligent enough to inform you that “Hey, this file isn’t a threat to you, but it will be placed in quarantine or deleted so you don’t accidentally forward the attachment or files to others.”


Sophos Anti-Virus, unfortunately, is not a perfect program. Yes, it is light on resources and demands but it was not the top dog in tests. It just stroke a special chord in the heart hitting a sweet spot between  it’s great features and resources.

Sophos Competition

ClamXav is the choice for those who love the open source  life and uses the virus scanning engine known as  ClamXav.  Like sophos, this great program can pick up on both the OS X malware and the WIndows malware, can be run on a scheduled time or on demand and it is easier on system resources and slightly more lightweight than Sophos. System requirements for ClamXav is any operating system from OS X 10.5 and beyond. Short fallings when it comes to  ClamXav is that the definitions tend to be a little on the sporadically than most users prefer.  Performing scans might be a breeze but fine-tuning settings and getting the app to be proactive when it comes to scanning files can take a little more effort than you as a user might like in a program. Even with the few flaws, ClamXav an outstanding choice and ranks high on the checklist if Sophos doesnt make the cut for you.


Avast! Free Antivurus for Macs is a great choice and great Mac friendly version of  a Windows favorite. Researchers have found that Avast has a 100% detection rate of Macs malware that went through the program.  This is an honorable feat  that so few other programs did not accomplish. For those on a budget, Avast is  free, lightweight and it really does works.  Avast short coming is that it does not detect Windows viruses or malware and catches only the malware and viruses specific to Macs.


Another great free utility that ranks high on the list and worth looking into is Avira.  Like Avast, Avira has a 100% perfect track record in terms of sniffing out Malware on your Mac. You have no need to fear a false positive reading, Avira has never had this happen.  Avira’s UI and options are extremely user friendly and can even be used by those who are not tech savvy.  Avira has a great shield and offers an unfailing, solid source of protection against all currently known Mac threats. Like Avast, it’s with a sad and heavy heart, it has to be brought to your attention that there is no protection against Windows viruses and threats.  Avira’s downfall is that it struggles in the area of custom scan options as well as scheduled scans.

To debate, or not to debate, that is the question. Wait, is that a question? Unfortunatley, it is one that you will have to battle out for yourself. The use or not use virus protection on a Mac will never end.  The fire has been burning for years and will burn forever more.  When all else fails, surf the web to aid in the choice to use virus protection or not to use protection.


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