Many people rely on their computers on a daily basis. Computers are used for numerous reasons, from recipe searches, obtaining a degree, earning money and a great deal more. Due to the fact that people rely so heavily on their computers on a regular basis, most people keep their computers in tip-top shape at all times. This ensures that their computer will always be in good working order when they need it. However, a computer could become infected with a virus at any time. This could render the computer partially or even totally inoperable. This is why reliable antivirus protection is absolutely essential.

With the abundance of antivirus protection software available, consumers are often confused and unable to decide which programs might be best. Since there is no reason to pay for high-quality antivirus software when so many free versions exist, more and more computer users are opting for free protection. If you are a regular computer user and you’re searching for a reliable and high-quality computer virus software that is free, then here is an overview of top choices, as well as what steps to take in order to ensure you choose the best product:

What to look for in an antivirus software

If you have experience with various types of antivirus programs, then you’re probably aware of how undesirable some of them can be. Not only do some of them cost way too much to fit your budget, but many of them lack some of the most important features of an antivirus software program. So what exactly should you look for when purchasing a software program to protect your computer from a nasty virus or annoying malware? Here is a list of qualities that you should ensure that the antivirus of your choice has before you consider it:

  • Low memory usage – This is very important when it comes to choosing the best antivirus software. Some antiviruses can use a great deal of your computer’s memory in order to function. This is not usually an aspect of antivirus software that people even think about. However, it is important. If you choose the wrong antivirus, it could affect your computer’s processing system and cause your system to lag to the point that you would be forced to delete the antivirus program. Instead of going through all this trouble, it’s best to research every aspect of the software in advance.
  • How well does it work? – There are many computer antivirus software programs that fail to function in the manner that you desire, both paid and free. Either the software fails to detect all types of viruses or malware, or it detects it but is simply unable to remove a viral infection from your system. What good is antivirus software if it can only detect a virus yet it lacks the ability to completely remove it from your system? No good at all, which is why you need to perform research on your top choices in advance.
  • How often is the software updated? – When trying to decide on the best antivirus, you definitely want to opt for a choice that is updated regularly. Technology is constantly changing, and with that, major improvements can ensue. Antivirus software is definitely on the list of technology that is frequently updated. This leads to many improvements in how the software functions, which is why you want to ensure that the choice you choose is being improved on a constant basis. This means that the software will likely work optimally at all times. It also means that if there are any problems or glitches with the software that updates can fix the problem.

Where to find reliable reviews about antivirus software

When researching possible antiviruses, you will definitely want to search the manufacturer’s website first. This way, you can learn as much as you can regarding the specific software. There may or may not be reviews about the products you’re considering on their websites, and if there are, then you should base your choice partly on what the reviews say. Here are some additional sites that you can check out in order to read authentic reviews about antivirus software:

  • Tech sites – There is an abundance of computer-based websites where you can find valuable information. Not only can you find information about the best antivirus software for your computer, but you can find other useful tech information and tips as well.
  • Forums – Software-related forums are also terrific when it comes to finding information regarding others’ experiences with a certain software. You can rest assured that the descriptions of personal experiences are factual and not made up like some reviews on manufacturer or retail sites can be. In addition, the information that you will find on the various websites is usually very detailed. This can help you immensely when it comes to choosing the best antivirus.
  • Random web search – You might be surprised at what information you can find by performing random web searches on the antivirus products that you’re considering. You could find reputable websites where consumers have listed complaints or other problems regarding a specific software. You could also find other useful information that you may not have found otherwise.

Top choices for 2015

So which free antivirus software programs have been deemed the top choices for 2015? Here are 5 top choices, as well as explanations why they are considered excellent choices:

  • Panda Free Antivirus 2015 – This choice made the list because there are currently 5 labs testing this particular software. Panda Free Antivirus 2015 is also thorough at detecting and ridding your system of malware in addition to viruses, and it allows malicious URL blocking. This top software also provides phishing protection, as well as on-demand malware scanning.
  • Avast Free Antivirus 2015 – This is another terrific choice for 2015. Avast has 6 labs testing its software, and it also has a bonus vulnerability scan, as well. This scan can be very useful, as it has the ability to identify areas in which your PC might be weak, making it more likely to sustain an attack. By having these weaknesses identified before an attack occurs, you can strengthen all aspects of your computer and network, increasing your chances of successfully warding off any future virus or malware attacks.
  • Malwarebytes Anti-exploit free – This is yet another great choice when it comes to free antivirus software to keep your computer safe. This choice made the list because of its behavior-based detecting abilities. This new technology protects against possible threats by integrating with the host computer. It then carefully monitors the “behavior” of the programs that you use, enabling it to prevent and block any potentially malicious activity before it can take hold of your system.
  • Avira Free Antivirus 2015 – Many computer users may be unfamiliar with this German-based antivirus. However, it certainly shouldn’t be underestimated, as it can keep your PC virus and malware-free. Not only is the software quick and easy to download, but it offers convenient browser plug-ins, handy child protection, and built-in security browser choices.
  • AVG Antivirus Free 2014 – This is the most current version of AVG’s free antivirus software. It made this list because it has been found to provide above-average malware detecting abilities, and it has the ability to scan web pages. These web pages include Facebook and Twitter, for increased protection.

As you can see, finding a dependable, top-notch computer antivirus software program for absolutely free doesn’t have to be challenging. As long as you’re willing to spend a bit of time reading reviews ahead of time, you should end up with the absolute best choice, yet without paying a dime. This guide should be pretty useful, and it can enable you to try one of the choices discussed here, saving yourself the trouble of research, as it’s already been done for you.

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